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Created by Terry Kyle, writer, co-founder & CEO of, the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service, One Sentence Story (you’re here – yay!) is a celebration of sharp, punchy micro fiction.

One Sentence Stories are like Tik Tok but for creative writing.

One Sentence Stories are also like Twitter but for creative writing, think of them as a haiku-ish-sized version of short stories.

Read some amazing one sentence stories from around the Web below, then enter your own.

1 sentence, up to 40 words maximum is all you have to tell your story – enter your story below as a comment please.

The best one sentence story – as judged by Terry Kyle – published here each month, wins $100 via PayPal!

Enjoy Some One Sentence Stories:

Dad left; a flag came back.

He hit send, then a tree.

“Passengers, this isn’t your captain speaking.”

“Just Married” read the shattered windshield.

I met my soulmate, she didn’t.

One bullet is a lifetime supply.

“Goodbye Mission Control, thanks for trying.”

Brought roses home, keys didn’t fit.

Source: India Times

Later that night after being beaten by her drunk husband like every other day, she started writing a suicide note, for him.

‘What if after you die, God asks you , “So, how was heaven?

Source: Quora

My wedding cost $6700 and my divorce cost $16425, both were worth it.

He stared at it, as it slowly burned his fingers, but that was after it had burnt his marriage, his future and his lungs.

Source: Scoopwhoop

He lay unmoving, an empty bottle of alcohol by his side; the doctors had trouble telling who had consumed whom.

The famous painter addressed the questions from art critics all over the world with great confidence, but a simple question by a blind boy had him stumped — ‘What do you mean by red?’, he had asked.

All his life, the sculptor had shed blood and tears to give shape to his statues, but only later did he realize, that it was his work that had shaped him, and not the other way round.

Source: Medium

And By Terry Kyle:

Jim sat awkwardly on a half-busted, rusty kitchen stool and explained to his new bride that seeing as the police were now involved, she should know that he had two other wives and nine children in other states.

Most planes take off and land as planned; Jan’s didn’t.

In grudgingly saving that skinny, dirty, ginger cat, Steve didn’t even realize that he was saving the best friend he would ever have.

Though troubled by his late father’s Darwin Award for a bungled bungee jump above a volcano, Eric pressed ahead to prove his new theory that hippos could be successfully domesticated, bred and sold as pets for people.

Deciding to test out his personal security team with a fake kidnapping attempt, Kevin, a toilet paper billionaire from Kamloops, Canada, didn’t imagine that four people would be killed in the exercise, including himself. 

Rebelling against being a part of Terry’s one sentence story, Jacob stubbornly refused to exit the back of a Pittsburgh police car as the author intended.

Tommy knew that his smartphone’s social newsfeed was full of pretty boring, meaningless stuff but mounting the kerb in his red RAV4 at 49 mph while reading those was about to make them very, very meaningful.

Forgetting to recharge his light sabre overnight, new Jedi graduate Bob was unjustifiably confident for what would be his first and last ever real duel.

Snoring loudly in the front row of his devoted wife’s sublime vocal performance at La Scala, Bruce had no idea of her terminal cancer diagnosis or that critics would later regard this as the greatest ever rendition of her Puccini role. (yeah, yeah, 41 words here I know!)

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